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What makes Chat Technologies’ Product different?

Today, other chat tools exist via 1:1 texting and email tools/integrations, limiting internal and external team members to singular communication channels; segmented across a variety of de-centralized platforms.

Our collaboration solution is designed to centralize all communications associated with Recruiting in a more holistic way than existing text and email tools.

Chat Technologies enables multi-party comms with unlimited customizable channels, all tied to the candidate profile and governed by user permissions.

Why use Chat Technologies?

Chat Technologies enables Employers, Staffing Agencies, and Candidates to close the communications gap, improving velocity, quality, and overall customer experience.

Streamline your conversations all from within our intuitive chat platform and stay better aligned with your management and hiring teams every step of the way.

Receive notifications and real-time alerts to ensure speed and efficiency, ultimately fostering more engagement with top talent. 

What problems are we solving?

Together, we are eliminating communication silos, minimizing administrative burdens between internal and external functions, as well as improving recruiting outcomes. 

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